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Play as the twin cats Flip and Flop who are protecting their storefront from mischievous spirits in this visual identification, pseudo-rhythm game.

Lines of patrons approach your shop from both sides of the street while mischievous spirits - Yokai - mingle amongst them. These Yokai look different from human patrons and range from not-so-subtle (foxes with spooky scrolls on their back) to quite hidden (pale ghouls with red eyes, obscured by parasols). Flip (right) and Flop (left) can't be controlled at the same time so you must continuously switch back and forth to keep the spirits at bay from both directions.

How to Play

  • You start the game with 1 coin (Flip & Flop's first coin they ever earned!) When you lose your last coin, you lose the game. Last for as long as you can as the game gets more difficult by the minute.
    • Patrons give 5 coins while spirits steal 10.
  • Use 'E' and 'Q' to toggle between Flip or Flop, respectively. A coin will float above them to show when they are active.
  • Use the 'Space Bar' to flick your coin and spook away  ghosts (or patrons). 
    • You can only spook something when it is within the highlighted zone in front of the active cat. Once a patron or spirit passes by it's too late.


FairNuffGames_FlipFlopCatShoppe.zip 87 MB

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